Month: March 2017


OLD ORCHARD BEACH, ME –  Host Family opportunities are still available for those who really  want to be a part of the Surge  Family. Great Benefits for host families include free season tickets and more.

The Old Orchard Beach Surge  franchise functions just like any other minor league professional baseball organization in the country. With the high costs of operating a baseball organization, most  programs engage in one of the most rewarding options available to the fans in the community, that is, the host families program.  Host Families serve a great purpose by providing a comfortable sleeping accommodations for these young men pursuing a dream.  Players usually spend 7-9 hours on a baseball field and do not spend a lot of time at home.  For that reason, we look for carrying families interested in opening up their homes from basement to open rooms to accommodate 1-2 players.

Those families are considered to be a huge part of the program and are granted fantastic benefits for their hospitality.  Benefits include anything from free family season passes to all home or away games, exclusive access to any team  events including the All Star Game in Plattsburgh, NY and playoffs and  free team merchandise items.

All players involved in a host family have contracted rules including disciplinary actions that if broken will result in termination of their baseball opportunity. This means as host families there is nothing to worry about when it comes to the behavior of these young men. They are professionals with great attitudes and discipline. If interested in becoming a host family to one of our players, contact us at

Article by Empire Media