TAMPA, FL – The Empire League spring training where all team rosters are filled are making its last call for  Early Registration.  To be accepted Click Here or visit the 2018 Tryouts Link and fill out player acceptance form located at empireproleague.com
We are officially in the final stretch of the sponsored early registration period. This is the chance players have had to attend the week long camp at a discounted rate thanks to our sponsors.
On January 15th this period will come to an end. We encourage all players accepted to reserve their camp entry with their Registration or housing deposit. After January 15th the camp entry cost will go back up to its original prices and this is the only way to save several hundred dollars for this great event. Fill out the Players Acceptance form and you will be contacted by VP of Baseball and League Director Jerry Gonzalez to finalize the process. This is a first come first gets opportunity until event is filled. With the high demand from players wanting to get in registration will remain open, but discounted price ends January 15th.
Fill out Player acceptance form, and if accepted a simple 50% deposit will get you in.
For more, email us at baseball@empireproleague.com
Article by Empire League Media


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