GEORGETOWN, DE – The Old Orchard Beach Surge start of spring training camp with a very good selection of pitching and look to get back into the EPBL Finals.

New manager Jim Hayes is no rookie when it comes to how the Empire League draft works and he went big on pitching early. Adding a lot of pitching depth will be key into returning to the finals and Hayes knows exactly what he wants when selecting those men. But with pitching, you will need some players in the other end receiving and Jim surrendered a first round pick to select first in the catchers round to get the catchers he really wanted.

“I feel like we had a strong draft. We have great talented ball players and a lot of players have done some things already that have surprised me and its become fun to make this roster. I think we have a big chance to make it back to the finals.” Manager Jim Hayes

The Old Orchard Beach Surge will open the season against the Plattsburgh Redbirds in which they lost to at home in last years Empire League Finals and will look to make a statement right off the get go.

When talking about the health of manager Jim Hayes, the league executives expressed how healthy he has become and there is no doubt about the fact that Jim Hayes deserves to be in this position.

“Jim came to camp 108 pounds lighter after last years incident. He’s eating healthy, he looks healthy and he’s clearly thinking healthy after a great draft” Vp Jerry Gonzalez

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Article by Empire Media